Standard Criteria To Get A Good And Cheap Forex VPS Hosting With Lowest Latency For Forex Traders

Cheap Forex VPS Hosting

Now days, many types of forex vps service are offered with low price. But sometime forex traders confused about the offering package, it means they have question in their mind “what vps package should I choose ?”. On the other hand they offer very expensive price, cheap-vps-serviceand the others there are also offered affordable price. But which one is the most appropriate choice? Of course one of the factors bad or good forex vps hosting service is vps latency comparison to server broker beside some another a good cheap forex vps criteria that we can learn more like quality hardware and software beside cost itself.

Please consider some of the following criteria before made decision in using forex VPS hosting in the future. Without any good calculations, we only getting angry and regret because we pay high price and get a low performance. For that, learn more the following studies:



It would be wise if we choosing cheap forex vps depending on our needs. Cost it will follow how big our needs. If we only want to test a stability connection or uptime services so my recommendation is choose the cheapest package because usually the cheapest package only for a traders with using metatrader not more than 5 mt4. But if you’re a professional manager for managed account usually using a middle class package because this middle class package can be using for ten metatrader above, but based my experience using only max 7 mt4 on this middle class vps forex package.


And if you want using more than 10 mt4 hosting so using the highest package of vps forex service and for sure buying the highest package of forex vps hosting so it will give us a top level service and this is good for future investments, but we have to give a little more big budget, with security options and features that support they have.

Server Forex VPS And Forex VPS Latency Comparison

windows-vps-hostingTalking about server vps hosting, we have to make sure our server cheap forex vps provider located near to our server broker because it makes low latency and will give us a good and fast responsive in our transaction activity without any delay so for sure we will prevent from slippage case so it will minimize losses in forex trading.

Usually a good forex vps hosting reviews has many data server location, there are a lot of data servers offered as Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, America, to Europe. So which one to choose? The answer is depending in our server forex broker location of course.


Currently the most stable cheap forex vps data server with data center comes from the UK. Because UK data center regulations are very strict, so the rules and policies can be relied upon. Here our standard calculation in milliseconds from low latency aspect before we choose which vps provider that we are going to rent.

  • Below 1ms is superb
  • Below 5ms is excellent
  • Below 10ms is good
  • Below 20ms is acceptable
  • Above 50ms is not recommended for short term trading systems

Quality Of Linux Or Windows VPS Hosting

The server component based 2 and 4 CPU Cores with minimal 1GB of ram will give us a steady performance to running 3 until 10 metatrader. For hardware, if we run metatrader 4 more than 4 so my recommendation using ram at least 2GB and almost all vps hosting services provider right now using SSD as a data storage. For software, usually they offer tested and stability Windows 2003, Windows 2008 or Windows 2012. And for a publisher who play in media streaming feature use 4-8GB of ram to get maximum performance and for sure using 4 CPU cores.

A Good Criteria Of Forex VPS Service

This is the most important criteria before we choose which the best of the best of cheap forex vps provider that we should rent. One of criteria a good forex vps service is a good support and fast response from submit ticket feature. Please don’t choose any forex vps hosting if they don’t have this kind of submit ticket feature. And how long they response on each our complain made its most important too because we need fastest response to clear our problem right ? more faster they fix our problem so it would be more better their vps hosting quality. And the easiest way to learn is it good “x” vps services is by reading a forex vps reviews in forex forum itself and i think review information of forex vps review from real traders at popular forex forum made us more confidence in our automatic trading activity.


We can read many forex vps reviews on forex peace army, forex winner, forex-tsd, forex factory, mq5 forex forum and many others popular forex forum that we can searching on google. And lastly for a good criteria in how to choose best and cheap forex vps hosting is their response is not more than of 5 hour since we request a complain via submit tickets from our client cabinet, and the second key criteria is stability connection itself. If we found a little problem as long as using vps it means that vps have a good service in maintain their hardware and software to give the best performance to all clients. Even more if we didn’t found any significant issue as long as we use vps, it would be a great pleasure for user to extend rentals period. Because the essence of any business is build reputation.


Rent forex vps service should be adjusted to our needs. As a user we have to know first how much our needs in rent forex vps service. And the second one is the forex vps specification performance that they offered. mt4-vps-reviewBecause quality is not only talking about hardware and software that using windows vps hosting or linux vps hosting component but we need a good service too in reply and response on each our problem issue to fix it. And lastly is vps low latency. If you’re a forex traders my suggestion choose forex vps server with a very low latency to our server broker to avoid slippage. This is several keys how we choose the right cheap forex vps service. I hope it will give us comprehensive reference in getting the best of the best forex vps service and best vps for web design firms or publisher.

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